8 Places to visit in Venezia, Italy

places to visit in venezia

Venezia is one of the perfect cities to visit a long weekend or a bridge as it nears in May.
A unique city where architecture, canals and history intertwine , leaving a good taste who decides to visit. If you ask, what to see in Venice, here’s your answer.  this post I recommend the 8 places to visit in venezia and you can not miss

St. Mark ‘s Square

It is difficult to enjoy this place without people. It is always crowded with tourists and pigeons, but everything has its why. Surrounded by famous buildings, the Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venezia and in it we can enjoy the spectacular Basilica of San Marcos with its spectacular Campanile of 100 meters, and dozens of outdoor cafes and small shops where you can find items that you can not imagine.

Ducal Palace

Palace Gothic architecture and stands to save paintings by Tintoretto and Veronese.
What few people know about this place are the cells that are hiding in the cellar of the Palace and from done escaped the famous Casanova and ran away across the rooftops of Venezia.

San Giorgio Maggiore

This small island of San Giorgio Maggiore, at the end of the Grand Canal toward the Plaza de San Marcos.
In it, the monastery of San Giorgio with its famous basilica was established in the year 982; although it is now an art center of the Giorgio Cini Foundation .

Santa Maria della Salute

Church that stands in the landscape of Venezia. If you find yourself in the Plaza de San Marcos and look forward, not loss. It’s gorgeous, with its huge dome that dominates the Venetian skyline and one of the most beautiful sunsets in the city.

Bridge of Sighs

Legend has it that women roamed the canals around the Ducal Palace when it was a prison, and longed for the men imprisoned, which he has given the name to the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Grand Canal

The Rialto is the most important bridge crossing the Grand Canal in Venezia. From the you can enjoy incredible views of the Canal and movement of taxis, gondolas and vaporettos. It is the most important route of the city and the sides of the Grand Canal palaces and churches that you should not miss are.


Island located 7 km from Venzia. Vaporetto in 20 minutes you come and then you realize it was worth the trip.

Gondola or vaporetto

The best transportation to get around Venezia is the vaporetto. If you take it from the train station Santa Lucia, you can take down the Grand Canal and enjoy the Venetian movement to the accommodation you have chosen. In addition, it is very useful to cross between neighborhoods of the city that is not connected with a bridge.
The gondola is a unique experience, although their price is significantly higher than the vaporetto. The good thing is that the gondola can get between canals and alleys where other means of transport do not fit and discover some tourist areas of the city. Always attracts attention go to Venice are singing gondolier.

So that 8 Places to visit in Venezia.

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