Aokigahara forest mystery, Japan

fuji aokigahara

At the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan, there is a forest area of ​​32 square kilometers. His name Aokigahara Forest, which has a dense trees and dubbed the “sea of ​​trees”. This forest has a beautiful rocks and ice caves, some of which become popular tourist destinations. But that’s not the most interesting of the forest. There are other facts which Aokigahara is a popular place for Japanese people to suicide (suicide), and becomes the most haunted place in the State Sakura.

Forests popularity as a suicide Aokigahara most popular and most haunted in Japan is reinforced through a best-selling novel entitled “Koroi Jukai Seicho Matsumoto’s work”. Novel published in 1960 tells the story of two people in love promised to end their lives for love in the forest. But history Aokigahara as a suicide existed long before the novel was outstanding.

Aura’s death has long been wafted from this forest. Ubasute ritual, solitude in the forest until death arrives, has been around since the 19th century. Aokigahara even mentioned having a historical link with demons or ghosts in Japanese mythology. Since 1950, more than 500 people end their lives in this forest, or an average of 30 people each year. Astonishing is the event in 2002, where 78 bodies were found hanging himself and rot in the woods. The number was beating the previous record, the 73 corpses, in 1998.

In 2003, the number of suicides rose to 100. In the year when the Japanese government decided to shut the information on the number of suicides, to lose popularity as a location Forests Aokigahara suicide. As is known, the Japanese people in the past had a tradition of suicide or suicide. This tradition is usually carried out by warlords who lost a fight in a duel samurai. Unfortunately, these harakiri tradition and misinterpreted and spread to other things, including a breakup, depression, and others.

The high number of suicides in Japan, particularly in the Forest Aokigahara, triggering the Government of Japan for posting signs of suicide. Since 1970, formed a team consisting of police, volunteers, and journalists. They served through the forest area, to look for the corpse-mayat. but, team work is nothing compared with the task of forest workers, or in Indonesia called the rangers. Therefore, they are in charge of bringing the bodies from the forest to the guard post.

Sometimes the bodies are decomposed and placed in a special room of the suicide victims. Forest workers then perform a unique lottery. Who lost given the specific task, namely to sleep in the room with the body of a suicide victim. For if the bodies were left alone, it would be bad. Curious spirits called yūrei be screaming all night. Not only that, the body will move by itself to another place.

Every effort has been made to stop the ritual suicide in the Forest Aokigahara. For example, by installing CCTV, then track down the people who will go to the most haunted woods in Japanese. “Suicide has generally increased in March, at the end of the fiscal year. Many people who come to Aokigahara, because depressed about the poor condition of the economy, “said government employee Yamanashi Prefecture, Imasa Watanabe.

Forests popularity Aokigahara re-surfaced after the release of the movie “Jyukai: Ocean trees behind Mount Fuji”, by director Tomoyuki Takimoto. The movie tells the story of four people who committed suicide in Aokigahara. The director boasted find money of 3,760 dollars in a wallet that belonged to the person who allegedly committed suicide.

Not infrequently, when people enter the forest is directly covered with a blanket of fog atmosphere tense and penetrating. Many visitors, workers, and volunteers search the bodies to see strange things like a black shadow figure or a feeling of always being watched and followed while in the forest.

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