Awesome Snow in the tropics, Mountain Jayawijaya

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nature in Indonesia so is stunning, especially the adventurous in realms, Indonesia was the perfect place for nature lovers. in the eastern part of Indonesia, namely in Papua there is a mountain named Mount Jayawijaya.

Jayawijaya mountain peaks. it is impossible in the tropics the snow, but that’s a natural phenomenon because Jayawijaya mountain including the 7 highest mountains in the world with a height 4.884mdpl.

Jayawijaya mountain was discovered by Carstensz an adventurer from the Netherlands. He saw snow on the Jayawijaya in the tropics than on his boat in 1623. But it dianggang as a mere issue because no evidence was authentic. in 1899 the Dutch government finally found a fact of snowy mountains in the tropics. through the expedition of making maps of the island of Papua researchers discovered the phenomenon.

the first to set foot on the mountain Jayawijaya is Heinrich Harrer. Heinrich Harrer, who led the expedition team to get on the mountain in 1962. Previous Jayawijaya many have tried to climb the mountain but no one has managed to conquer. With a height 4.884mdpl, of course, obstacles faced extremely difficult. Terrain is very steep and cold air as well as the depletion of the oxygen content becomes an obstacle climbers. Indonesian man who managed to set foot on the mountain Jayawijaya is Lt. Col. Azwar Hamid joint expedition team of Army Topographic Directorate of the Republic of Indonesia. Lt. Col. Azwar Hamid could reach the top of the mountain Jayawijaya in 1964.

Mount Jayawijaya appeal is definitely the snow on the mountain tops. With the black base of the mountain and the peak contained the white snow as well as a white cloth covering it. When the sun is shining, the snow layer will reflect light so it looks very beautiful and dazzling. Snow layer is thick enough, mention be a backup snow outside the Antarctic continent as much as 5 percent. because global warming makes erratic season and the heat of the sun makes the ice thinning. Reported that the thinning of the ice sheet continues to gradually each year. Not an impossible thing if one day a layer of ice on the mountain Jayawijaya will be lost. Then there is no harm for those who like climbing a mountain to climb to get there.


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