Beautiful lake in the cave, Yucatan Mexico

Yucatan Mexico

What if you come to a lake located in a large hole that looks like a cave in the ground? May seem creepy but also has its own beauty which saves a lot of mysterious things. Located in the northern Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, estimated to form the lake was formed due to a meteor that fell a few tens of million years ago. Rock holes have been investigated and found a rock topography which is a limestone that is commonly found in the Yucatan Peninsula into the lake wall.

Lake formed cave is very wide diameter of approximately 200 km2, like a crystal pool with a very clear color and mixed with the white color of the limestone rocks. The lake is located in a dense forest that is rarely exploited bypeople around, save the natural beauty that is so mysterious.

The pool can reach depths of up to 160 meters, and until now there has been unveiled to the tourists because research is still done the lake. However, local residents have been many who visit the place to enjoy their natural properties that may be hidden several thousand years. How the information has not been obtained a lake can be found. As well as sea caves, it is exactly like that found in the Grand Canyon.

The lake is full of mystery has been believed by the ancient Maya as the entrance gate to the underground nature due to a large hole is like an underground water world into a new world and a civilization which if possible would make this an underground kingdom. But so far has not found signs of civilization became residents of the world’s underground water.

Sometimes locals there that tell a legend that there are gold and bones. Although it looks like a beautiful crystal pools that have hidden charms, but still very impressed wild in the Yucatan peninsula this.

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