Been to Maid Cafe, Akihabara Japan

maid cafe akihabara

Maid Cafe is a cafe where we would be served by a lovely lady and cute, dressed as in the anime maid cafe or dressed as maids in the 19th century in Europe. maidĀ  cafe yourself will serve any thing seen by visitors of the cafe but of course there are limits to what should be done.

In Maid Cafe Akihabara also may be no Maid regular and Maid Tsundere, Maid regular is maid who did his duty normally are asking orders to visitors of the cafe, and then will bring order in the message these visitors, while Maid Tsundere would probably do things a little differently, Maid Ordinary Tsundere different from where the maid will behave TsundereĀ  (valid as hate but actually love) they will ask for your order in a way that was not friendly and unfriendly bring their orders as well.

The strategy that is in use from shop owners to attract customers is the servant maid told to interact and joking and doing things that attract visitors or buyers to linger long in the cafe and to make the buyers ordered more of the order to the cafe to get lucky a lot.

When you enter Maid Cafe Akihabara, you will be greeted by some Maid on duty greet visitors, then you will be delivered by one of the maids to the dining table is available, when you are sitting, maid will give List Menu Foods to you, then the maid will leave you to serve another customer, and when you’ve decided to order anything, you can be waving and saying “Summimasen” or in Indonesian means “permission” (although it could be other means such as forgiveness, as the context requires) then one maid will come you, then ask what you order, the maid will get your food.

Maid Cafe Akihabara Unique of course is an atmosphere that is different from the cafe in general seem very boring, unlike the Maid cafe has a nice atmosphere.

A Maid will call you “Goshoujin-alike” or “Master” as your greeting when entering a maid cafe that await you.

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