Exoticism Klayar Beach, Pacitan Indonesia

Pacitan Indonesia

Klayar beach Pacitan save a number of amazing natural beauty. You can find the charm and uniqueness on the white sand, the rock like a giant Sphinx, natural fountains up to 10 meters, as well as rocks with unique form and treats flute ocean.

Administratively, the beach is located in the district of Pacitan Klayar Donorojo, precisely in the village of Kalak, Pacitan, East Java. From downtown Pacitan, Klayar beach can be reached by traveling a distance of 40 km to the west of Pacitan, spend time traveling for about 1 hour.

Klayar beach is one beach in East Java charming. Its popularity is not yet as famous as Goa Gong in Pacitan or Teleng Ria Coast. But in general, this beach has been well known among the people of East Java as one of the attractive coastal tourist destinations.

Klayar charm charming panorama of the beach this is a viable thing you put in your travel plans. But please note that access to the beach is somewhat less easy. If you visit the beach Klayar Pacitan, you will find a section of the road has not been paved in their entirety as well as some parts are damaged.

In addition, you also have to pass through the winding streets and up and down, a thing that requires you to be more careful in driving. But on arrival at the beach, you will be presented with a beautiful view of the beach.

Tourist infrastructure problems have been anticipated by the local government and executed in Pacitan tourism development plan. Tourism development is quite important given the traffic visit the trip to the beach lovers Klayar Pacitan shows an upward trend over time.

In a typical day, you probably will only see the local fishermen activities on the beach Pacitan this one. But at a time when the holiday arrives, Klayar beach is one of the favorite domestic tourists visited, some of which are foreign tourists.

Arriving at the beach Klayar, you can see two rocks as high as a coconut tree on the east side of the beach. Coral beach that is the icon Klayar Pacitan. On the back of the reef, there are other corals withstand the brunt of the southern ocean waves. One thing that is interesting, among rocks tersebuat there is a giant rock can be said to be similar to tourist attractions Tanah Lot in Bali.

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