Fact or myth about Himalayan mountain


Based on the stories that develop from the local population around Everest Base Camp Trek, there are some well-known myths about Mount Everest. Some of us must have heard about the Yeti of course, or the legend of the other snowman dong. But what about the deities guard the Himalayas this? Let us discuss a little bit here to enrich our experience of traveling in Everest Base Camp Track.

In Tibetan mythology, gods of the mountain has incredible power and great influence among humans. This is because the mountain is very in touch with Tibetan residents. If seen look, these mountains are very large, dominating the entire horizon, covered sebgaian sky, and weather and climate alone can not be underestimated. Clouds, wind, storms, lightning, thunder, snow, and rain so intensenya. And sometimes the weather-weather last seen tangible such as animals, humans, or other imaginary creatures. Well, these climate changes that led to the birth of legends and stories among humans. Some of them like the one below.

Myth that one is very special in the Himalayan region. In profiled as 5 sister and each brother representing every mountain in here. there eldest brother Tashi Tseringma (BKRA shis tshe ring ma), described as young and beautiful woman riding a white snow lion holding Vajra in his right hand and a jug longevity of water in his left hand.

Her sister Cleaner Shalzangma (mthing zhal bzang gi ma), blue-skinned, riding the mare while holding a silver mirror right hand and his left hand holding banners dewa.Sementara, Dewi Miyo Lozangma (g.yo blo mi bzang ma), yellow and rides tigress, holding a bowl of food in the right hand, and no animal mongoose sitting in his left hand.

Chöpen Drinzangma (cod dpan mgrin bzang ma), red-skinned goddess who holds the jewel in his right hand, while his left hand holding a box of jewels, the horse is a last kijang.Saudara is Measure Drozangma (gtal dkar’gro bzang ma), with a green skin and two hands, the goddess holds in her right hand and a grass snake in his left hand while driving a female dragon. The fifth sister was reputedly believed very clever and wise.

Residents living Tibetan Himalayas believe that there is a rope or a road that connects the heavens with the peak of Mount Everest. Not only the rope, but it can also be weather elements such as a rainbow that looks like a bridge that unites the real nature and the supernatural. At first, the gods who traveled between heaven and earth is described in the form of animals such as cattle or wild horses. Then slowly, the sacred animals is told like a human. And when historians write the biography Tibetan royal family, their link with the king of heaven earlier. So the first king of Tibet dilegendakan descent from heaven are present in the sacred mountains of the Himalayas. And If we could climb to the top of Everest, then we will get to the place of origin of the first generation of Tibetan king comes.

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