Festival Hanabi, Japan


In summer the Japanese usually hold a festival. Supported by sunny weather and a long holiday, season to season the most ‘alive’. short dress and super short pants was a favorite, because the situation is very hot. In the evenings using yukata (summer kimono) complete with uchiwa (fan) and geta (wooden sandals) is a fashion that used to go to festivals (matsuri natsu) at the Temple. a lot of traders who sell along the road lined illuminated hundreds chuochin (lanterns). The merchants that sell a wide variety of toys, omen (mask), furin (klintingan), confectionary such as wataame (cotton candy) and kakigori (shaved ice) or the kind of food takayoki (octopus grilled), yakitori (chicken satay), okonomiyaki (a type martabak eggs filled at will), yakitomorokoshi (corn), etc. In addition, the festival is also enlivened with various traditional games. Among these, the most popular is Kingyo sukui (catch carp). However, summer does not feel complete without Taikai hanabi (fireworks festival).   Hanabi Taikai is a typical scene when the evenings in the summer. Each year, between the months of July and August, hanabi festival held in each region throughout Japan. For the Tokyo area, every year approximately 80 performances scheduled hanabi. Typically, the show is funded by companies, local governments and even individuals. In hanabi Taikai, between 10,000 and 30,000 fireworks launched to show only lasted 60-90 minutes. Lakes, rivers and several resort is the place chosen for the implementation of this show. Although the show is done at night, but hundreds of visitors have thronged the location of the show since noon.   Points are often used to launch is near the river, near the ocean / beach, near koen / garden area. Who see the fireworks not just people around the launch site, but also many who have come from elsewhere. Therefore, on the day of the launch, some train station that is closest to this implementation be busy and crowded, what else before and after the show. Seeing the number who came to see, then Hanabi weve a People’s Party. Not only that added busy train employees, but the number of police were assigned specifically to regulate the flow of the road, and also set up a post certain information, could get lost or fall items or information of missing children for example   To watch hanabi Taikai so is free. sometimes, in certain places there are areas that have been roped off and we had to buy a ticket to occupy the area. It’s not unusual when people book a place in the hotel and restaurant which offers a nice view, one year before the show hanabi. Many also rent the place for the sake of watching the spectacular show that was held this year.   If you were in Japan in July-August, there are many hanabi Taikai organized and not to be missed. Find and go out! Wear yukata, buy a box of takoyaki and a bowl takigori and enjoy festive summer evening! Otherwise, enjoy the fireworks that burned and held his own with a smaller risk in the backyard of the house is an attractive option anyway.  

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