Gruta do Lago Azul, Brazil

Blue cave

Gruta do Lago Azul is a cave located in the region of Bonito, Brazil. From the outside, nothing special from the cave. However, when you enter the tourist attractions in Brazil, you will feel takjup with beautiful blue lake are beautiful in the cave by the local community is named after the Blue Lake.

Blue Lake Cave
Blue Lake Cave

This cave is about 20 km from the city of Bonito, Brazil. Lake in the cave is one of the lakes located in the biggest cave in the world. Blue Lake was at a depth of 100 meters from the mouth of the cave. Tourists who come can rent a helmet and boots when exploring the caves and the lake.

Calm lake water, with shades of blue as the sea water and very clear. Seen in contrast with the charm of rocks that looks creamy and become a handsome blend of beauty. Moreover, with stalactites and stone ornaments in caves add to the scenic beauty.

The lake water depths up to 60 meters, according to the researchers sourced from the underground river. according to its history, the Blue Lake was discovered by Terena tribe which is a local tribe in 1922. After that, researchers from the Franco-Brazilian came to Gruta do Lago Azul to examine it further in 1992.

Results poenelitiannya found a number of fossils of mammals at the bottom of the lake, such as fossil tiger. It is estimated that, of the mammal fossils are living at 6,000 to 10,000 years ago or during the Pleistocene geological period.

Many travel agents offer trips to Gruta do Lago Azul with pockets BRL (Brazilian Real) 45 or about Rp 238 thousand. But remember, tourists are prohibited from swimming into the lake in order to protect the naturalness. The best time to come to Gruta do Lago Azul is during the daytime, when the light matahri in through the roof of the cave and the blue lake visible.

Staring at this lake from near alone, is sufficient. Blue Lake is like a big blue glass in the cave, like the natural wonders in the land of Samba.


Gruta do Lago Azul
Gruta do Lago Azul

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