History Fireworks Festival (Hanabi) in Japan

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Hanabi Taikai (Fireworks Festival)  were first held in 1733. In the previous year, all of Japan suffered a terrible famine that left an estimated 900,000 people died. At that moment, a lot of people who died in Edo due stricken with cholera and their bodies were left lying in the street. The government at the time, Shogun Toshimune, arrange a show hanabi along the river Sumidagawa, Edo (now Tokyo) to appease the spirits of people and ward off the plague. This is the beginning of Ryogoku Hanabi Taikai (show hanabi Ryogoku) famous.

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When the first fireworks festival in 1733, the family-Kagiya Tamaya launched 20 sensational fireworks. In 1810, clan Kagiya escape from Tamaya tang family eventually led ‘war’ for supremacy annual hanabi. ‘This battle became even faforit for the people of Edo. Both families made a great contribution to the development of this festival to the next.

Around 1879, the introduction of new chemicals maker hanabi began to enter Japan. These allow producers to develop hanabi with new colors such as red, blue and green. From the Taisho era (1912-1926) to the Showa era (1926-1989), many manufacturers hanabi that appear throughout Japan. They developed a technique hanabi resulting explosion and color variations. Therefore, hanabi named as interest in accordance with the form of explosion in the air, such as chrysanthemum, lotus, peony, etc. Hanabi development makes each region has its typical hanabi festival.

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Many of them use yukata and happi (outcome clothes for the festival) is reminiscent of the situation when the Edo period. Every year the festival was also broadcast live on television. In addition to a fireworks show, also held other events, such as photography contest hanabi, etc.

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Along with the development of the times and technology, hanabi Taikai was packaged in a more modern format. There are some that are considered Taikai spectacular. Among them is Jingu Gaien Hanabi Taikai taking place on the baseball field that is wide in downtown Tokyo. Before the fireworks launched, first held a laser light show and live music. In addition Chiba City Firewoks hanabi festival is included spectacular performances. Fireworks synchronized with music extravaganza which shall be governed entirely by computer. There is also Hanabi festival Tokyo and Yokohama’s International Fireworks Festival fireworks were launched from the sea.

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