Mentawai islands and Paul walker

paul walker

Indonesian charm is never dull, always giving things interesting in it. one of the Mentawai islands. Mentawai islands
located in western Sumatra, Indonesia is a paradise for surfers.

in addition to tourist class surfing, Mentawai islands also serve its natural beauty and its unique also people who are in the Mentawai islands. in Mentawai also a homestay and resorts that are very luxurious, so if you traveled to the Mentawai islands do not worry to sleep where.

Mentawai island has also become one of the tourist attractions Hollywood artist. Paul Walker is an artist who is known Hollywood film because that is fast and furious. in the reports of some of the famous sites, paul walker often visited the Mentawai islands to rest and well traveled. paul walker and she even has a home in the Mentawai islands. probably because exoticism and charm of the Mentawai islands to attract paul walker to travel to Indonesia. paul walker often surf in the Mentawai islands because of its very good waves to 3 worldwide.

In addition to beautiful, the Mentawai island also plays a very important for the conservation of animals in the Mentawai. Since 1981, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) set of Siberut Island in the Mentawai as a biosphere reserve that its presence must be preserved, protected and kept away from exploitation.
Exoticism Siberut plus the four primates endemic to the Mentawai, namely Simakobu or pig-tailed macaque (Simias concolor), bilou or dwarf gibbon (Hylobates klosii), Joja or Mentawai langur (Presbytis potenziani), and the Mentawai macaque (Macaca pagensis).

besides the cultural tourism in the Mentawai islands very unique.Kawasan cultural tourism set in Madobag, Ugai, Butui, Matotonan, Lita, Sagulube ‘, Taileleu.
At tersebutwisatawan region will enjoy the atmosphere of the daily life of the Mentawai tribe indigenous people who live in traditional culture ‘sabulungan’. Some researchers write Mentawai culture has parallels with Colere derived from the Latin word meaning: to care for, preserve, maintain, manage, especially cultivate the land, farming or farming. Some literature foreign scientists Reimar Schefold in his book: Toy Ghost writing culture Mentawai recognize the existence of the three spirits, Tai Ka Bagat Koat (spirits at sea), Tai ka Leleu (spirits in the forest and mountains) and Tai Ka Manua (spirits is in the heavens).

Sabulungan original designation Mentawai culture identified a number of scientists as one of the oldest cultures in
Indonesia. Sa se or collection means. While Bulung leaves. His understanding is a set of leaves that have supernatural powers (magic), known appellation puppy or ketsat. Leaves – leaves that have a puppy / ketsat included in katsila (spheres) made from thatch or palm shoots selingkaran, and katsila believed to have three spirits: Kabagat Koat Tai, Tai Tai Ka Ka Leleu and Manua.

maybe that’s the reason paul walker berwista in the Mentawai islands. you will not regret if berwista to the Mentawai
islands, because one Hollywood actress traveled to the Mentawai.

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