The natural beauty of the Amazon River, USA


Amazon River (Spanish: Río Amazonas, Portuguese: Rio Amazonas) is a river in South America which is the second longest river in the world – the Nile River is the longest in Africa. The  River has the greatest total flow of any river, carrying more than the Mississippi, Nile, and Yangtze combined. Amazon also has the largest stream system of the entire river system. Although the longest river Nile, but Amazon may be considered “the strongest” (as seen from the amount of water flowing per second).

The amount of fresh water that is released into the Atlantic Ocean is enormous: 184,000 m³ per second (6.5 million kaki³) in the rainy season. Amazon flow is one-fifth of the total number of fresh water entering the sea around the world. The water in the sea near the river has a low salinity up to hundreds of miles away.

The main river (which usually has a width of one to six miles) could be passed through to large ocean steamers to Manaus, nearly 800 miles upstream from the mouth. Smaller ships weighing 3,000 tons and 5.5 m (18 ft) draft can reach as far as Iquitos, 3,700 km (2,300 miles) from the sea. Smaller riverboats can reach 780 km (486 miles) further until Achual Point. Passing from there, only a small boat that can go up to Pongo de Manseriche, above Achual Point.

This river takes water from the coordinates of 5 ° N to 20 ° S. The most distant source are found in the inter-Andean plateau, a short distance to the Pacific Ocean; and after a distance of 7,200 km (4,800 miles) through the interior of Peru and across Brazil, he enters the Atlantic Ocean at the equator. (Source)

It seems we all already know if the Amazon River now flows from the Andes Mountains of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia to the east into the country of Brazil until finally heading into the Atlantic Ocean. But we know that this Amazon River once flowed toward baratdari Brazilian state towards the Pacific Ocean?

The River is the largest river in the world with a total river flow that exceeds the total number of streams sixth largest river next (up to 300 thousand cubic meters per second). Even one-fifth of the total volume of fresh water into the oceans comes from the Amazon River. Amazon river also includes second-longest river after the Nile in Africa. Water catchment area (drainage area) of the Amazon River is often called the Amazon Basin (the Amazon Basin) the extent of almost twice the size of India, or about 40 percent of the total US. With a drainage area of the flow is very large and how the appearance of the area or the mouth of the Amazon River downstream

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