Sekaten night tours, Yogyakarta Indonesia


Jogja can not be forgotten. The beauty and uniqueness of this warm city, as has been imprinted in the hearts of anyone who ever visited this student city. Moreover, no mention Jogja Be Ex, increasingly concluded that Jogjakarta really missed. Many beautiful sights are ready to pamper the tourists. One is the tourist nights are scattered around the city of Yogyakarta is.

Ahead of the celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday, Jogja organize their city more attractive. The square in the northern area, the government of Yogyakarta held a night market called Sekaten. The night market is only held every celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday. And this night market will be held for one full month. When the night market Sekaten held, almost all citizens of Yogyakarta flocked to this Sekaten market.

To go to the north of the square, you can use a taxi or also Trans Jogja 1A and 3A pathway that will lead you to to stop the dismissal at the Post Office. From this stop you live walk to the north of the square. Since noon, night market Sekaten can already be visited. Usually during the day which can be visited is the clothes market import or commonly known as awul-awul.

When the afternoon, all the rides games and also a hawker center was opened. You can take your children to play around the rides. You can try to train that takes visitors around the square surrounding the north and the area Ngasem. In addition there are also rides the carousel and bumper cars. Castles and haunted house became quite a favorite place on the market tonight.

In addition to the rides, you can also see performances barrel devil. This show is an attraction of the motorcyclists who were in a giant tube. If you see this show, you should bring earplugs. Because the sound of a noisy exhaust can make the ears buzzing.

Sekaten night market also provide stalls selling various goods. Ranging from clothing, kitchen needs, accessories such as sunglasses to toys. Everything you can find in the market Sekaten night. In addition, some cultural performances will be held at one stage the night market. The visitors can see these performances including puppet. When the Prophet’s Birthday has arrived, usually daytime events held around the night market Grebegan Sekaten and also the Great Mosque Kauman. Sekaten night market into its own evening entertainment for the people of Jogja and tourists who vacation in this student city.

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