The charm of Hawaii Islands

Hawaii island

The Hawaii Islands are located in the United States or that people used to call the land of Uncle Sam already in the know of several people in the world. because the natural charm and scenic beauty of this unspoiled.

hawaii island is also a paradise by surfers. its waves because there are safe and stable so that people who love surfing, the first person must have been on vacation in hawaii surfing.


The third largest island in Hawaii is invited to explore the spectacular charm. Besides Oahu is also known as a gathering place for everyone in Hawaii. And with Honolulu as the capital, Oahu into densely populated areas in Hawaii. People Oahu refer to themselves as the indigenous people of Hawaii and do not be surprised if they uphold the tradition in Hawaii. Many things can be done in Oahu. Besides the natural beauty of Kailua Beach, lives in Honolulu no less attention. Some historic sites also exist in Oahu, including Iolani Palace, Kawaiahao Church and a statue of King Kamehameha I. There is also a museum that can be traced, such as Queen Emma Summer Palace, Honolulu Museum of Arts and the Bishop Museum. Surfing would be a prime choice to spend time in Oahu. Surf season usually held in November and February. In November and December the international surfing competitions are often held.

Waikiki beach

Waikiki into a target area of ​​the tourists who come to Hawaii. The beauty of the beaches on the island of Oahu is already well known to the entire world. Quiet beaches become the perfect place to learn to surf. The beach is also a witness in which Duke Kahanamouku designated as the “Father of Modern Surfing”. Duke ability to tame the waves at Waikiki, inspire people to try and master the surf. With the backdrop of Diamond Head, Waikiki become a tourist destination since the 1950s. Each section of Waikiki beach has its own names. One of the target is Kuhio Beach, where on this beach stands a statue of Duke Kahanamoku. The water is crystal clear and calm are very suitable for novice surfers and in the middle of the beach there is a breakwater wall. While at Queen’s Surf Beach, bodysurfing sport is a game that is very popular. Another object to be traced at Waikiki is Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium and Kapiolani Park.

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