the origin of the Borobudur temple (7 Wonders of the world), Indonesia

Borobudur Nothwest view.

Borobudur temple is the cultural heritage of Indonesia that has been known to the whole world of this building is the world’s largest Buddhist temple and established as one of the world’s cultural heritage by UNESCO.bentuknya magnificent and unique architectural details makes everyone want to visit Borobudur are curious about the story, Borobudur steal the world’s attention since HC cornelius find its location on the orders of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1814.

Borobudur temple is believed to be the kingdom of Sailendra Dynasty reign Samaratungga of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom and was completed in the 8th century. a lot of the mystery of the Borobudur temple were not revealed yet, what was the original name of the temple of Borobudur no inscriptions or books that explain with certainty about the Development of Borobudur, some say the name comes from the name samara budhara means mountain slope lies patio terrace there are also those who say Borobudur is derived from the words of the Buddha are shifted one of his writings that mention Borobudur first was Thomas Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in his book the history of the island of Java invoke historians estimate of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles call borobudur of said bore and budur, bore means village is a village located near the site lies Borobudur temple discovered while budur means primordial

history of the Borobudur temple could have been built in 750 AD by the royal dynasty that at that time the religion of Buddha, the development was very mysterious because people in the 7th century have not met the calculation of architecture are high but Borobudur was built calculation sophisticated architecture, up to now none which could explain how the construction and history of this Borobudur temple

Already many scientists from all over the world who come but none of them succeeded in revealing the mystery of the construction of Borobudur. One pertayaan which led researchers curious is from where the large stones in the temple of Borobudur and the like where arranged with precision and architecture are very neat. There are estimates that the rock came from volcanoes but how to carry it from the volcanoes to the location of the temple in view of its location on the hill.

Borobudur has 72 magical bell-shaped stupa, the largest Stupa located at the top of the temple while others surround stufa up to down. When scientists draw a map Borobudur temple, they found the strange patterns that lead to the function of Borobudur as a sundial, a needle winder a shadow stupa great and fell right on the stupa downstairs but not yet known exactly how the division of time will be undertaken using some say Borobudur temple at Borobudur temple clock to show signs of age when planting or harvest.

In the Borobudur temple there is a relief that tells the story of a literary work is quite well known that barata MAHABARATA.maha is actually not a true story and not a religious book because the author is not the Prophet but this barata masterpiece of literature in the book that is most precious parwa barata first book nah there are stories about the Pandavas and the Kauravas both common ancestor that kuru nation but have different properties Kaurava kususnya durya the fund has a cunning nature he is a royal inheritance penngen controlled by the group Kurawa or represented 100 people with this duryadana. Then durya funds invites kunti mother Pendawa then by his son five Pendawa five are invited to go to a place to stay overnight and play there nahh when they spend the night, the home tuh in fuel profit kunti and pandawa not burnt alive but could escape and rescue in the woods nearby. In his journey in the middle of the forest, the Pandavas came to the kingdom whose name pancala rajannya Drupada, in the kingdom was no contest to compete for many things but among them is the fight Draupadi was Draupadi is the daughter Panchala is then pandawa is wearing disguises clothing brahmin after contest and of course he has a arjuna representing excellence in archery win this contest. Arriving pandawa home she told her mother kunti the win, “we won the competition we were able to present the mother with the authoritative voice of a mother like this kid whatever you get you have to be fair it was a gift to be on for five but the mother, but not the reason you should hear parents in the flat, but bu, no buts, then agreed on for five nah kunti mother learned that the prize including Draupadi a woman because they do not want to lick his tongue and his words then what may make Draupadi must marry 5 men

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