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travel japan akihabara

Akihabara is one of the districts in the city of Tokyo Japan Akihabara, which became lovers paradise electronic device. Because the district this one offers a lot of shops of electronic equipment at discount prices. If you want to hunt the latest electronic tools, quality at low prices, visit to Akihabara.

Hundreds of shops are located along Chuo Dori Street (main street) offers a variety of electronic equipment such as cameras, mobile phones, television, radio, as well as accessories that are unique and rare. So if you traveled to Japan tokyo do not forget to visit Akihabara, later going to regret if not stopped by.

The district is also a favorite place worldwide otaku (anime and manga lovers of Japan) to add to the collection of manga, DVD, games, music, action figure or merchandise of the characters are preferred. If interested, you can visit a retailer well-known there is Mandarake and Don Quijote. Not even a few people who call Akihabara otaku as a paradise. This is the nuances that will you feel when exploring the dense streets of Akihabara. Shops and buildings skyscraper ready to welcome you with open arms.

Akihabara or commonly referred to Akiba indeed right travel choice for entertainment in Tokyo. Out of loneliness and allow yourself to drift a sea of ??people. You can get acquainted with the night life in Japan. Cleaning, maid cafes, restaurants, and cafes will certainly add a festive Akihabara at night. Nightlife 21st century easily accessible.

Another surprise, for you fans of AKB48 can play to Theatre 48 is located on the 8th floor of Don Quijote. A golden opportunity to meet with all members of AKB48. Profit-taking can be an opportunity to ‘hand shake’ with one of the members of AKB48. So you’re not going to regret if travel to Japan Tokyo keep visiting Akihabara

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