Truth great wall of China

China Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is known as one of the world renowned heritage of civilization. Shaped wall built this fort is the largest building ever built in human history. This is evidenced from the size of this building which has a length of 6,350 km that ran from Shanhaigun Pass near the Gulf of Bo Hai in the northeastern part up to now Jisayuguan Pass in the north central part of China. Height reached 8 meters, and 5 meters wide at the top and the bottom width of 8 meters. Every 180-270 meters there is a lookout tower height of about 12 meters. The Great Wall of China that stands firm is a symbol of perseverance and determination that hard Chinese people in the past.

Beginning of the construction of the Great Wall aims to defend the territory of the nation Chung Kuo (called the ancient Chinese) from the invasion of Nomad tribes from the north. At the time of the Qin dynasty, at which time the ruling was Emperor Shih Huang Ti, a great emperor who managed to unite the whole of China, intends to continue the development efforts of the Great Wall that is dormant for some time because the state of war between the kingdoms. In the year 221 BC, Shih Huang Ti memeberi order to connect the walls of the unfinished buildings and continue its development as far as 5,000 km route.

Construction of the Great Wall is appropriate in view of its function is very important to hold the threat of Nomad tribe who want to seize territory. The Great Wall was built on the tops of high mountains and dangerous, where a giant wall made using the composition of stone, brick, wood and cement soil making it tough and resistant to weather for centuries. After the death of Shih Huang Ti era and was replaced by the Han Dynasty in AD 206-220 Development in Han Dynasty era resulted in the extension of the building of the Great Wall as far as 10,000 km. Not just stop there, the Great Wall undergo redevelopment in the era of the Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 year. This Kala large wall strengthened by adding granite and coal long and coated with lime. Over the centuries, the Great Wall into a fortress which is very valuable addition to its function as a barrier to the outside world and to protect the famous lush agricultural products.

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