Underwater tours, Island Karimunjawa

Karimun jawa

Publications including a very beautiful island, the natural charm of the exotic is an attraction for tourists to visit the
island karimunjawa.

Publications included in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, on the north coast of Java. These islands have also been
designated as a National Park. White sand and crystal clear water is a sight you’ll enjoy. Natural atmosphere, beautiful and quiet still fresh and will make you feel welcome to linger here.

Karimun island into a paradise divers because the underwater scenery is still beautiful. You can swim, dive (diving), or snorkel will be fun because of its crystal clear water.
The beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish in the sea will be an attraction. Karimunjawa sea water is very clear and
transparent, so you can see the seabed clearly. For those who like fishing, can also do it in a few islands in Karimunjawa.

To visit the islands around Karimunjawa, you can use a fishing boat. It did not take long to visit the island around
Karimun because it is located very close. There is also a boat equipped with a glass at the bottom of the boat that is
perfect for those who do not want to dive but want to remain can see corals or fish in the sea water.
Islands around karimunjawa :

1.Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island are captive sharks. You can test the courage to go to their breeding pond and swim with sharks this.

2.Small Menjangan Island

Small Menjangan island worth visiting because of the waters around the island there are many small fish pretty colorful.

3. Pine Island Small and Large Fir Island

On both islands there are many pine trees that might be the basis of both the island’s name. Another unique thing is the mainland beach with white sand jutting into the sea.

4.Tanjung Gelam Island

Tanjung Gelam Island is a beautiful island with white sand and sea water bluish green.

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